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Twenty-third Year of the Revolution Era

Battle of the Stone Bay

“Ours is a world hewn from Hate. Slavery. Prejudice. We have trampled over our neighbors and stood upon them only to reach higher places for ourselves. But, it is all for naught for those ways will ultimately lead to our self-destruction. We have liberated ourselves today, yes, but let us not turn back towards the ways of our ancestors. Instead, let us cast off our chains forever, creating a new world of mutual benefit with the hard work and sweat of free men instead of the blood and tears of broken ones.”
-Kieran Reinheart, newly made King of Ousden (the new land), addressing his people after the defeat of Visrun Tarthelm.

Present Day

In the country of Lyratea, crown prince Dorian Reinhart prepares for his coronation and then ascension to the throne. In the human kingdom, Ousden, the people are overjoyed at the prospect of their new king who as a prince has already become an integral part of the Ousden. Chatter buzzes on every street of Ketterburg, inns and taverns are alive with travelers who have come from other kingdoms to witness this piece of history, and even the King and Queen are helping with the decorations and preparations for the Prince’s celebratory ball.

Not since the Tiefling overlord Visrun Tarnthelm was overthrown, have the people of Lyratea rejoiced this much and there is, indeed, much to rejoice for the prince’s coronation marks the unification of the three sacred items for the first time since the defeat of Visrun a century ago. The sword, the shield, and the chalice of the sacred trinity, items which were created to end the tyrannical rule of the tiefling overlord, are to come together from the corners of the country, marking the end of the Reclamation Era and the dawn of a new kingdom.

However, much of the world still remains untamed and it is in this wilderness that shadows have started to form. Something from the darkness whispers from the edges of civilization. It lies in wait and speaks of returning to a much darker time.

Home Page

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